Microfluidic Adhesive Laminates - PCR Films, Foils & Seals

Microfluidic Adhesive Laminates

By partnering with Boyd, we fabricate for you advanced, precise, and reliable PCR Plate Seals in the most cost-effective manner, fully outsourced within existing ISO 13485 certified operations able to quick turn sampling, prototyping and mass production to exceed your time to market goals.

- Reduce Diagnostic Times & Cost -
- Improve the Accuracy of Your Diagnostics -
- High-Volume, High-Precision PCR Seals -

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The success of PCR Plate Seals rely on selecting the right medical adhesives and material laminates to enable fluid flow through the device. By using a combination of adhesives with hydrophobic or hydrophilic substrates, films or foils, Microfluidic Diagnostic Laminate designers move or seal fluid in a controlled manner to mimic established lab practices on a microscopic scale in a small plate or testing strips. 

Boyd Clean Room Facility


Boyd's ability to cleanly handle the most challenging medical adhesives and other laminate materials in our multi-station, high volume rotary die cutting processes enable us to laminate up to 10 complex layers in a single operation. We rely on decades of process experience and innovation to maximize material yield and minimize waste, crucial to optimize end device cost when manufacturing expensive medical grade raw materials.

PCR & DNA Cycler Diagnostic Laminates


Boyd Corporation leverages our world class precision converting capabilities available in clean rooms certified from 100 to 100k, stringent ISO 13485 certified QMS processes and procedures, and our vast medical material science expertise to enable our Medical Converting engineers to design and fabricate PCR Plate Seals and Microfluidic Diagnostic Laminates as a fully outsourced and packaged medical solution.